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Dongguan Mr O heat energy technology co., LTD

      ARO (European) company is a professional research and development, manufacturing, sales, half volume of plate heat exchanger heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger of professional company, with the idea to develop energy-saving, environmental protection, we uphold professional, focused, specific rule of enterprise development, with ten years of professional experience and professional computer application software, can according to customer requirements to calculate the optimal solution. These advanced technology solutions for various customer success provides the heat exchange equipment (system).

      ARO (European) company's manufacturing plant is located in dongguan, with the "world factory" laudatory name is equipped with a perfect sales network and service agencies; ARO (European) company has the independent development ability and the patent technology, has been committed to the development and application of energy saving, environmental protection heat equipment, ARO heat equipment has been widely used in chemical industry, petroleum industry, metallurgical industry, paper-making industry, medicine, food industry, textile industry, power industry, air conditioning and heating hot water supply, etc. Can meet all kinds of cooling, heating, condensing, enrichment, disinfection and waste heat recovery process requirements.        

         ARO (European) company mainly produces plate/plate and shell heat exchanger, plate type/plate heat exchanger units, half volume heat exchanger, all products are in accordance with the ARO (European) company consistent standard of ISO9001 international quality assurance system, with its located in east China, north China, southwest, northwest and south China and Hong Kong/agent of the agencies affiliated with the cooperation of business development, in the most superior performance-to-price ratio and the best quality service to customers at home and abroad; Fruits after years of booming development, today, more than 6000 sets of heat exchanger is working well, made remarkable achievements in many field, make the ARO (European) company in the heat energy in the industry have high visibility.        







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